About a girl from South Jersey…


My friends call me Katie. My brothers call me Kate. My parents call me Kathrynne Abigayle every now and then. Whatever name you choose, know this – they all mean one thing: a girl with a passion for writing, adventure, and learning who loves to love, meeting new people, and trying new things.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved the art that is writing. My parents would find journals and diaries filled with short stories, poems, and personal entries. At every school book fair, I would beg my mom to give me money to buy a new diary, this time one with a lock and a key to keep the world out of my thoughts and ideas. However, now I have a longing to share my insights and notions with the world. It’s time to take the lock off of my diaries and let the ideas flow.

My journey in this life has led me to where I am now, which is Cabrini University. I came in as a freshman interested in the world of marketing. However, after taking a couple of classes, I decided it wasn’t for me. That’s when I discovered the Communication Department. Second semester of freshman year, I declared my communication major. Shortly after, during my sophomore year, I declared my minor in English to enhance my writing skills. Through the Communication Department, I joined the school’s student-run newspaper, The Loquitur. After being a staff writer for half a year, I became an Assistant Editor of the Lifestyles section. At the end of the year, I applied to be an Editor. During my junior year, I was the Editor of the Perspectives section. I can easily say that was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have written over 40 articles for The Loquitur. I am now a senior and have just completed my senior capstone project called Honors Convergence. It is a multimedia website focused on a social justice issue built by a group of seniors, our topic being addiction and substance abuse. You can visit this site at FixForAddiction.com. For the length of this year-long project, my leadership role was Copywriter and SEO Director. In that position, I was able to edit all the text that went onto the website, as well as create other media pieces like infographics and videos.

Aside from the paper and the Communication Department at Cabrini, I am involved in a few other things on campus. I have been a part of the Honors Program since my first semester here, which included being a part of the Honors Living and Learning Community my entire freshman year. I have been a part of the Women’s Tennis team for the past three seasons. Now, in my senior year, I am one of the captains. I am also a member of the lifeguard staff for the school’s pool, which both students and community members use daily. This spring, I was inducted into the Society of Collegiate Journalists. Also during this spring, I interned at Manor College in their Marketing Communications Office. In this role, I wrote press releases, blog posts, sports and news articles, ran social media accounts, created graphics and flyers, and sent emails, among other various tasks.

Now, for the fun stuff: I come from a family of six where I am the only girl. My dad is the pastor of a Non-Denominational Christian church in South Jersey called Mount Calvary Union Church, and my mom is my favorite person in the whole world. I have professed a distinct and strong Faith in Jesus Christ and the Bible from a very young age and continue that same Faith today. I have a long-distance boyfriend who’s in the Army; I plan on marrying him one day. I love to sing-I do so with my dad and my three brothers in church, where I also play the flute. I took piano lessons in middle school, and although I’m not the best, I love it and still dabble here and there when I’m home at my grandmother’s old piano. I love the summer and laying on the beach with a good book, but my heart lies in autumn with the falling leaves and crisp air. I love wearing heels and dresses, but will just as easily be seen in sweats and Uggs. I’m a huge Eagles fanatic, born and raised. If you visit my Twitter page on game day, you won’t even have to watch the game; all the updates you’ll ever need will be there on my feed. I hope to work for either the Philadelphia Eagles organization someday, whether it’s PR or Social Media, or have a writing job of any sort. The world outside of college both terrifies and excites me, and although I’m not certain of my future, I can’t wait to see where I end up.


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